There are few sports that are as naturally coherent with data analysis as Formula One.  Unfortunately, the amount of data we have access to as fans (and trust me, I am a huge fan) is limited at best.  You need to scour the web to find some decent analysis, and most of the time it leaves you with more questions than answers.  Furthermore, there are precious few sources that can solve what us fans consider absolutely necessary:  a consolidated view of championship standings over time so that fans can have a quick look at how their favorite driver or constructor has fared throughout their time in the sport.

Say, for example, I want to prove to my friends that the constructor Williams was the most dominant force in F1 during the 80s and 90s.  There are many ways to go about this (Constructors championships, Wins, etc.).  But how about visualizing that span of time as a single championship?  All 300-odd races.   This is the type of stuff I wonder about, and thankfully I found the data set to give me the answer.

This simple visualization shows how that protracted championship battle looks like.  You can view by Teams or Drivers, and use the original points awarded or a normalized points system to compare between them. Check it out:

So… Williams won the 1980-1999 championship. I knew that.

-Jason Steele